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If you think the film and photos on this DVD are great, wait until you hear the music from several talented artists.

Credits - THRUST Vol 1.
We would like to thank the numerous groups and individuals in our credits page. They all put a lot of time and effort into THRUST. Without their contributions, this would not have been possible.

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THRUST video candy provides Hollywood quality film and entertainment for the import car/hip hop youth culture. Order your copy of THRUST video candy VOL. I DVD and go on a hilarious ride with sexy models to the biggest "can't miss" events from California to Florida blasting the most obnoxious, smart-ass sense of humor you've ever seen.

But you'll not only'll also get detailed insight on the champion cars and major players that make the scene go. Whether it's uncovering the real dirt or partying like crazy, the THRUST video candy VOL. I DVD brings it with MTV-like visual style, in-your-face comedy and with the gorgeous models who just want you to THRUST. Own the fantasy and order now.

THRUST feature film comedy currently in post-production. Check it out at or

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